How the full integration of remote work can drive innovation.

February 23, 2021
4 Minute Read

Has working remotely halted innovation for your team? Does it seem impossible to manage a thriving-collaborative organization the way you used to? As managers and business owners, we have been so focused on the downsides of remote working that we have forgotten to highlight how it can make us better. Remote teams that are fully integrated to work remotely can actually be more innovative and collaborative, but the right mindset and tools are required to make this happen. You can’t afford to wait for this pandemic to be over to find “normal” again. This is the new work normal, and your team can thrive now by changing your outlook and bridging the gap from the boardroom to the kitchen table as you embrace the remote lifestyle.

Bridge the gap between the office and home.

We need to shift from the crisis management of the virtual work world to thriving as virtual teams and organizations. Managing teams remotely does not come with the same risks it used to. We not only have video-conferencing to help us stay connected, but there are limitless tools to manage productivity and drive innovation remotely.  

To troubleshoot effectively, it is important to identify what physical barriers are keeping your team from functioning like they would in the office. A Forbes article addresses access and communication as two of the three biggest challenges in shifting from the office to home. These are real barriers that need to be addressed for your teams to be able to continue collaborating virtually.

In a typical office, if an employee needs access to a document or a decision, they can go get it down the hall or ask their boss in the office next to theirs. We have to make the same features that were accessible at the workplace accessible from home with tools like video conferencing, file sharing, messaging, and browser-based word documents. Since virtual interactions are not set up like in-person interactions, the goal of ARC is to function more like your team or organization naturally would and allow managers to map out how their teams interact in a more real-life way, all from within the app with features like sidebar, chat, and file sharing. These tools break down the barriers of physical location and allow all employees access to the same things they would have in an office setting.

Long email chains won’t cut it in this remote work reality. It is critical to harmonize communication that can simulate popping into someone’s office to ask a quick question or holding an impromptu meeting to discuss next steps. At ARC we have lowered the barrier in and out of calls to help with this transition in communication by building ARC around your team and not your events. Skip having to email an event link, and call your whole team in an instant with a click of a button. The call will ring like they are receiving an incoming call. When you pop out of that meeting, there is no digging around to find the next meeting invitation because the next meeting is preloaded to automatically pop up in ARC.

For each team this will look different, but ask yourself how you can foster collaboration and innovation remotely. The answer will probably not be through outdated email chains and traditional phone calls.

Channel innovation.

If we break down the physical barriers of the remote office, you can not only thrive but drive your team toward innovation through collaboration. In a survey of 1,300 businesses, more than half said they were more collaborative over video-conferencing. It might seem counterintuitive, but video-conferencing allows employees to pull ideas from a range of professionals and ideas outside their internal team. Working remotely means your business can also hire a wider range of diverse individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. The range of experience that a diverse group of employees brings to the table is the fuel of not only innovation but also problem solving.

Innovation while working remotely is not only possible but can be a strength of remote teams. With a willingness to bridge the gaps of working remotely, accelerated innovation can be realized for your team even during this time of uncertainty. ARC support teams can help your team integrate video conferencing into daily workflows to bridge the gap toward innovation. Don't wait for the pandemic to end—fully integrate your team to work remotely with the right training, systems, software, and mindset to thrive in the new normal.